December 23, 2012

Mary and Elizabeth

Luke 1:39-45

In Luke’s Gospel today Mary and Elizabeth meet, BUT, what is the point of this meeting? What’s the purpose?   Why was Mary so eager, deliberate, in such a hurry to go visit her much older relative Elizabeth?

Think about it:  Mary had just been told something that was absolutely humanly impossible, and frankly unimaginable; she was going to be the mother of the Messiah; the mother of the Son of God. Mary was going to bear a holy offspring that would be conceived in her by God Himself, and all of this while being a virgin. The miracle news from Gabriel was just too mind boggling―more than any human could comprehend or possibly understand.

She is an ordinary girl of flesh and blood, how could she endure the emotional strain of the incalculable honor of having the Son of God in her womb?  How could she be sure that this idea, this concept, this miracle event was “reality” and not just some outlandish dream? It would not be evident (in her body) for some time, but she couldn't wait that long.…The Angel did say (Mary thought to herself) that even my relative Elizabeth in her old age is going to have a child….well….let’s just go see about that (she thinks to herself)…..and off she went.

So Mary and Elizabeth finally meet, and, if you can imagine, it must have been an amazing moment for her when she first laid eyes on Elizabeth, for Elizabeth was already five months pregnant―Wow! (she must have thought or said) “What Gabriel said is TRUE!” The word of God can be trusted. Her faith is affirmed―her belief is sustained―and Mary has the confirmation she needs. 

As one scholar points out:  The whole coming together of Mary and Elizabeth was about confirmation―confirmation that what the Angel said was true―confirmation that God is in control―confirmation that what may seem impossible to man, with God, all things are possible.

And so Mary and Elizabeth once again do something similar, they sing―they sing because they have the confirmation needed to move forward in obedient faith and complete trust in God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.  Each sings because that which the world thinks is barren, has been filled with new life ― life that, in time, will shake the foundations of the earth!  

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