February 12, 2013

But Master

Luke 5:1-11
“But Master,” Peter replies, “we’ve worked all night long―we’ve done everything we should have done, everything we were taught to do by our fathers and their fathers before them, and we have caught nothing....”
Why Peter agrees to row out into the deep water we just don't know.  Perhaps he did it because he was learning to trust the Lord―perhaps he did it to show him one up―maybe it was something in the tone of Jesus' voice.  Whatever the reason, Peter agrees to do what Jesus asked of him.....and from here, you know how the story goes…..  
Nets are flung out from Peter's boat and engulf such a great catch of fish that their nets begin to break―their boat begins to sink.  It was an amazing catch.  A catch made where there should have been no catch.  A catch made in deep water.  A catch made at a time of day when no catch should have been made. 
"Master we have worked hard all night and haven't caught a thing," Peter retorts.   Here, in the Greek, is what Peter is boldly saying:  “I know my business!  We have already tried that, Jesus!  We worked all night long and nothing happened…so what's the point.
What’s the point?  The point for us today isThat sometimes the best thing any of us can do is listen to another point of view―That sometimes we need to risk one more failure and to try one more time what we think will not work―That sometimes we just need to head out to the deep water and let down our nets for no other reason than the simple fact that is what being faithful means.

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