February 24, 2013

God's wings

Luke 13:31-35
Steve arrived just in time to help put out the last of the fire.  As he and his grandfather sorted through the rubble they came upon one hen in particular lying dead near what was once the front door of the hen house.  Her top feathers were singed coal black, her neck was lace limp. 
As Steve bent down to pick up the dead hen he felt an unexpected movement, scurrying out from beneath the hen came 3 little chicks.  The chicks survived because they were insulated by the shelter of her wings, the chicks were protected and saved even as the hen died to protect and save them.
Today on this, the second Sunday of lent, Jesus is calling ― calling us to return to the safety and security of God’s wings. “O’ how I long to care for you as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing,” Jesus said.
Throughout Lent the Angels are calling, Christ is calling, the Holy Spirit is calling ALL of us to return to the safety of God’s love and the security of Jesus’ strong arms ― arms that, like a mother hen protecting chicks with her wings, were sacrificially stretched out for us on a Cross.
Under the shadow of God’s wings of love, we are saved.  Without a doubt, that is good news…...especially for the willing.

“I will care for you like a hen gathering
her chicks under her wings….if you are willing."
–Jesus Christ

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