May 17, 2013

Complete Unity

"Complete UnityJohn 17:20-21

A church had a wood stove in it's sanctuary to heat the building, two groups in the church were in charge of caring for the fire, and the two did not get along!

Eventually one group made the claim that they were working harder than the other group to provide the wood.  As a result, both groups ended up providing wood, in two separate piles.  One pile of wood in this corner and one pile of wood in another corner. 

While reading scripture one Sunday a child of one of the parents in one of the two groups decided to use her own version of the text from Ephesians, chapter four; instead of saying “One Spirit, One faith, one Lord, One Baptism,” she said, “One faith, one Lord, one baptism, and two piles of wood.”

“May they all be one,” Jesus PRAYED.  One.  Not one in groups of two-thousand.  Not one of two political parties.  Not one of two solutions.  Not one of two churches.  Not one of two races.  Not one of two ways.  Not one of two Crosses.  Not one of two Saviors. But One church.  One faith.  One Lord.  One baptism.  Not two piles of wood.

“May they be brought to complete unity to let
the world know that you sent me...”
–Jesus Christ

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