August 19, 2013


Luke 13:10-17

How surprised she must have been to have been called forward by Jesus, to have been asked to stand at his side.  She is the poorest of the poor, easy to overlook, a woman with a crippling condition, she has been told that she is of little worth, viewed as someone whose physical needs exceed her physical abilities to produce.

Yet Jesus, without bias, without asking, without prejudice, sees her and calls her to come forward.  Touching her he says, “Woman, you are set free from your condition.”  Set free from what oppresses you.  Set free from what has been holding you down; free from your prison of pain; free from fearful worry; free from unrealistic expectations.  Free, free, you’re free at last!     

Such wonderful words!  Good news words for everyone―words that may mean more now than historically ever before.  Are not those words what all of us still need to hear?  Are not those words what the world still needs to hear?  Words of liberation, words of freedom, words which reassure us that God wants nothing but the best for us―all of us.

We do not need a religion that is right when we are right,  but a religion that is right when we are wrong.  G. K. Chesterton

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