September 3, 2013


Luke 14:25-33

To get the crowd’s attention, to get our attention, Jesus warns that we had better think twice about our commitment and our decision to follow him. 
“For anyone who is not willing to carry his cross…” Jesus here is saying--must either go deeper in their faith, deeper in their commitment to Him, or turn back.  For we know that when a building engineer does not sufficiently count the cost, his building will end up partially finished, only half built.

None of us want our Christian lives to be only half built because we did not count the cost of what a real commitment to Christ really involves, do we?

E. Markquart:  But Jesus did not want a large number of “little bit” disciples who had a “little bit” of prayer, a “little bit” of commitment, a “little bit” of dedication, a “little bit” of love. 

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