January 8, 2014

Pitched His Tent

John 1:1-18

The Word of God “pitched his tent” and lived among us.  He breathed, ate, drank, slept, worked and laughed.  He was real to the eyes, real to the touch, real to the ears.  He was here, in the flesh, working with men, talking to women and laughing with little children.  The divine and extraordinary embraced the plain and ordinary and produced someone more than remarkable -- Jesus Christ.

Christmas is over but not without receiving the greatest gift of all.  So now what do we do? What are we supposed to do with this world's greatest gift?

I believe God wants us to go forth and tell others about the Word that became flesh. Just as God sent his son to be a light for the world, I believe God wants us to go forth and be a light in the darkness . . . for others. 

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